Remembering to breathe

by confusion   Jun 25, 2005

A clasped atmosphere storing oxygen
starved form alive beings needs
a blanket of suffocation
caused by selfish want and greeds

you see them moving steadily
take a closer, sharper look
see the painted stuck expressions
the emotions the almighty took

a glance is never quite enough
remove that outer shield of a surface
become familiar with the unknown
confront the question, 'was it worth it'

open your pretty dark eyes
as the light floods into the corners
take a second just to adjust
step forward from the long line of learners

you're afraid, i see it so clearly
still you battle with all will to breathe
remembering how to stay alive
how to block the begging and pleading to leave

the swarm of self pity, of have to have
overwhelming to a mess of a mind
move on, yet not necessarily up
from the memories left behind

stood so tall upon two grand feet
slowly but surely reduced to two knees
but you're still upright, still here and there
still doing your best to please

to understand the impossible
to interpriate the motionless ways
to follow signs in muddled directions
ensures this struggle to breath, living through a daze


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Toni

    Brilliant, such a cool poem! I love the way you express all your ideas in the poems. Fantastic! Hope your alright too xx

  • 15 years ago

    by Lil Luce

    wow really liekd this one oo! u really are an amazing writer u should be so proud! take care


  • 15 years ago

    by Lemma

    Soz, I mean keep it up not kep it up lol

  • 15 years ago

    by Lemma

    I really like this poem, ma fave lines are

    stood so tall upon two grand feet
    slowly but surely reduced to two knees.

    Great work, kep it up.

    Em xx