The Surrender Of All Fate

by confusion   Jul 31, 2005

Its become so blurry now that the walls have lost their structure
yet the misleading path unfolds further each dawn
where it will lead, no longer matters
to the south seas storm caused shatters
or even to a brand new life reborn

an imagination densely powered with overflowing props
each one far more useless than the last
but inside a mind of dreams
nothings ever what it seems
an unreachable future causing wishing to the past

expectations rise for reasons, far too numerous to mention
same old stories full of all the same old lies
so many shiny plastic faces
so many fake games and chases
yet wishful thinking starts hairline cracks in this despise

deep breaks gradually cause the surrender of all fate
on a distant horizon sets the unwanted blinding mist
this land remains untouchable
becoming more unsociable
priceless opportunity for a heav'ly clenched fist

overwhelmed by all the nothing ness, sucked right into nowhere
all the while the world will spin just as per normal
confusion overrated
wonders of all the hated
so strange when reality kicks you back to being small

another world so indescribably perfect is just there
you're just not quite looking close enough
who needs the human earth
whats the reality all worth
when you could possess the feelings of being truly loved

*read into it what you may, thank you for reading xXx*


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Lil Luce

    I found oots of available meanings which was nice and a new style of writing which i think worked well! well done good wirte as always! take care

  • 15 years ago

    by Lemma

    GREAT imagery hun, so powerful. 5/5

    Em xx