Untitled- any suggestions?

by confusion   Jun 25, 2005

The promise of tomorrow beckons through its waves
its soft whispers ripple waters unstill
the peacefulness remains
though its levels unexplained
good job these wishes are so strongly willed

the sun begins to fade, casting sharp pink stripes
soon disappearing as they're swallowed into black
bury me deep down
to a land of lost and found
in a world filled with all this one lacks

still the ripples gradually spread and shake in patterns
still the whispers softly call through darkened skies
each living soul will rest
as the eagle of its nest
always weary of passing beings and their lies

to throw something important to sea isn't such a struggle
heaviest of loads upon two weary human shoulders
even though it was a burden
without this load you become broken
as it ensured your two feet upon the ground

nothing has to be what it may seem to naked eyes
no one will ever be certain underneath
but each new day will pass
memories return just like the last
thoughts crunched and flattened as a fallen Autumn leaf

one difficult step forwards,two of the fasted heading back
never getting anywhere but to the unwanted
the sleep can still decrease
yet the nightmares never cease
reappearing once more in a mind so torn and haunted


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  • 15 years ago

    by Lil Luce

    wow amazed really so vid and beautiful and a dif style of writing too...sorry cant think o titles think thats hardest part of poem lol

  • 15 years ago

    by Lemma

    Another great write. I'm pretty parc at thinkin bout titles but how bout 'Land of the lost and found'? It's pretty rubbish but I tried. 5/5. Keep smilin.

    Em xx

  • 15 years ago

    by Hidden Meaning

    wow that was brilliant . . . i love your poetry . . . yaya i new one coool . . . it was so deep it was awesome . . .*sits in awe* . . . your are amazing at writing . . .truely amazing . . . love you bunches . . . il speak to you as soon as i get back . . . cant wait to read more . . .5/5 . . . luv jen x x x