Wife And Daughter; Home Sweet Home

by Danielle   Mar 28, 2004

I feel my heart beating, ---as I walk in that door,
Home sweet home I whisper ---as I step through once more.

It smells of decay and dirt, but I dont hear a sound,
Tip toeing through the house, I pray no one is around

I hear someone coming, my daddys deep evil voice,
Echoing through these fiery walls, of a darker devils choice.

Daddys on his bed, cooing for me to come,
Please daddy no, Just leave me the hell alone

I hear footsteps coming, then blows to my head,
Running away fast, my room is where I fled.

I cant escape the pain, the fear all kept inside
Locked away for forever, so many years have gone by

Everyday since I was 2, Ive been my daddys pet
The games weve played, and the secrets I have kept

I know hes at my door, Throwing it to the ground
Oh god, he'll kill me, if I make a single sound

He thrusts inside my innocence,
Pulling the hair from my head
But I'll never shed a tear
He'll never know I'm already dead

I feel my eyes closing
I think he has won
Daddy, what's that smell?
Daddy, what have you done?

My mind goes black; it all goes silent and dark,
And smoke is drowning my lungs, orange dancing sparks.

My eyes are stinging and red; the smoke is getting thick,
my flesh is burning with pain.
And My life is fading quick

The sky colors of misty pumpkin, now a swirl of fiery red,
Colors Ive never made before, now all inside my head.

Everything was swirling floating over a vast yellow sea,
I began to drop, hurtling down, but I wasnt scared for me.

Now white, only white, nothing all around,
A pure silent white, Like snow upon the ground

I hear that deep evil voice, still echoing in my ear,
Someone please help me, as I weep silent tears.

I hear a false story; its all an accident,
He didnt start the fire, and Im lucky to be spent ?

I try to scream at him, but my lips are cut and bloody,
The doctor says I can go home, to my loving daddy.

No I yell to my self, hes going to kill me,
Please someone help, let me go daddy!

I plead with fearful eyes, but the doctor turns and leaves,
Hes dragging me out, and I know its the end for me.

I look up in his evil eyes, full of anger and hate,
Mommy Im coming soon; I know its far too late.

In the newspaper you will read, of a 4-year-old found dead,
A wife and daughter, with single bullets in their heads.

Just something I came up with. Be honest. It's okay if you don't like my work.


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Michael

    Holy....shoot! Was the girl in the poem or was it me? Great perspective points! 5/5!

  • 15 years ago

    by lifes big mistake

    this is really god but also really scary well dont i rele liked it take care xxx lilkit

  • 16 years ago

    by Roula

    Oh My God this was very depressing and terrifying, it's sad that there are people out there that does this kind of things..... It's even more terrifying when they do it to their OWN KIDS!!!!!! It really pisses me off, such wrong people in the wrong place seriously :( nice poem :)

  • 16 years ago

    by Alex

    your wirteing are like WOW. They are much better than mine. Your way with words are unlike anyother.

  • 16 years ago

    by RicaLo

    That was a great poem! I can't believe that creep would do something like that. First, he rapes her and then kills her! i hope he rots in jail. Again that was a good poem and don't forget to read some of mine. What newspaper article did you get that out of? I want to read it.

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