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hi, everyone, i love writing poems coz its how i express my emotions in an effective manner. it also reveals alot about, me maybe too much . i think if we think outside what we normally see, or how we view things then good quality poems can be written. chio.

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  • Its like a bullet running at the speed of light
    The target- me...

  • To be (2)

    To be in love with freedom is to call yourself a...
    For a bird is never out of its cage for an age...

  • The silence imposed its self like a gust of wind...
    I always had enough time to gaze at the colours on...

  • Called me his light
    A star in the night...

  • It's the growing pain
    of helplessness...

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  • The impatience of a man with his children always leaves a mark against his virtue.

    12 years ago
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  • Grief is natures most treasured aphrodisiac

    13 years ago
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  • Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking.

    13 years ago
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