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writing is me explaining to you indirectly what im thinking, its something some of us do but all of us feel and i hope when reading mine you feel the range of emotions that it took for me to write..erm about me ive finished colege now and have 2exciting jobs that fullfil my life masively! I like films all kinds and with that a dvd adiction :-o i like going on random trips to random places and im in the BIGGEST WRITERS BLOCK EVER CREATED and have been for 4months now! Shocking stuf..ahh no room lef

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  • I remember someone told me when i was a little kid
    Theres no past tense with love either you do or you never did.

    from monica/mika on this website i just thought it was an amazing 2lines :)


    16 years ago
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  • Sometimes the right person comes along and you dont even know it until one day when its too late and you realise you loved them from the very beginning

    16 years ago
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  • Love isnt simply blind its just that the heart has a logic the mind couldnt possibly understand

    16 years ago
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