Favorite Poems of Twistd StoRY

  • Abstruse (4)

    by chelyxbaby28

    Come on now
    hold your breathe...

  • I love Him So! (1)

    by Danniell

    I'm so lonely
    I cry at night...

  • The Best (1)

    by Kaila

    Fate is a mysterious thing
    but its ways worked for you and me...

  • Offering (8)

    by Gooberz

    If i offered you my soul,
    what would you do with my love...

  • 45 things girls want in a guy (1)

    by •°¤**ChUlA**¤°•

    "1.Touch her waist"
    2. Actually talk to her...

  • I want to be the one (14)

    by Cotton Candy Clouds

    I want to be the one walking right beside you
    everyone would look at us and know this just must...

  • Our relationship (2)

    by Cayy

    When i lay in bed at night
    i stare the ceiling just thinking to myself...

  • Baby

    by Cayy

    It's time to realize
    i love you so much...

  • Whisper (First Time) (3)

    by In Love Gurl

    Close my eyes, hold me tight.
    Kiss away the blues, with all your might...

  • She's hanging by a moment, suspended in time
    Watching from the window, thoughts lost in her...

  • Long, Long, Long (17)

    by debbylyn

    This weary life in torture keeps
    Angst and longing burned so deep...

  • I don't miss you... (3)

    by thecraziestkidd

    I remember when we first met, I didn't like you...

  • Nobody's Child (104) 2 WIN

    by debbylyn

    Nobody's child cries alone in the dark
    Soured milk mixed in her tears leave a mark...

  • Love starts with an infatuation
    I'll learn to love you because your style is...

  • I wait forever, unheeding and unmoved
    Like a stone cold shepherd...

  • I Don't Deserve Your Perfect Love (26)

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    Empty here, without your eyes
    --Broken, and it's no surprise...

  • (this poem is currently in the process of being...
    My head lays on my pillow...