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I love writing and i always write on my feelings. i am about 5'3 and i have red/blonde/brown hair and eyes that change color.I have been hurt many times but who hasnt? If it is ment to be it will happen. Live as if you will die regrets♥.

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Latest Poems By That One Girl

  • You were my center, my everything, my sun
    Now I turn around, to see what you have done...

  • Giving Up (2) 1

    I'm giving up on loving you
    I can't the pain you put me through...

  • You walked out, Mom
    Right out the door...

  • You told me you were depressed
    I told you I would be there...

  • Me N You (4) 1

    You say you care about me
    I care about you, too...

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  • HAH!&&They say human beings cannot live without their heart. Well, look at me. Still breathing.

    11 years ago
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  • So is there a rule somewhere saying that you have to have your heart ripped out in order to be alive? I guess I missed that class in school.

    11 years ago
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  • I thought I was over you
    I was, Too.
    I was ok for awhile
    Then you looked at me and smiled

    13 years ago
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