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Hi everyone! I love writing poems and when I get a chance I also love to read and comment on other people's poems. I believe every poem is a good poem as long as it comes from the heart. I really appreciate anybody who takes the time to send me a message, vote on one of my poems, or comment. You are all amazing people and I just wanted to say "LIVE". Don't ever stop smiling. I love you all and really wish you the best.

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  • Age : 30
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, Illinois
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Latest Poems By marilyn marti

  • Where do I go
    Cause I really don't know...

  • I have a feeling in my fingertips,
    reaching for your lips...

  • I placed a heart in the middle of your hand,
    I thought you were capable to understand...

  • Tears in your eyes as I tell you all the reasons...
    Scared to move a muscle, but reflexes have me...

  • I guess I should forget...
    Forget all the things I used to be to you...

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  • Pain has no warning sign, it just enters and escapes leaving a gaping hole...

    9 years ago
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  • Love will do two things....break you only to repair you.

    10 years ago
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  • I don't know why I draw hearts in my notebooks...maybe to make up for the one I no longer have...

    13 years ago
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