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Hiya i am Cathy! Most people on here know me as Ichi or Ichigo though! Heres some information about me... I love music, it gets me through difficult times. I Love My Friends, they're crazy, random and just awesome. I myself am pretty random and spontaneous. I Love anime and manga, and i enjoy cosplaying, its tons of fun! I love to read. I am currently attending high school. I like to sing, i don't think i'm good, but i'm told i am. I write poetry every so often, obviously. And i enjoy to draw. And Dance is my Life.

Got a problem with it? good.

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  • Hello Heartbreak Hotel,
    I'm back again...

  • Why is love so confusing?
    Why does it have to be so unfair...

  • Crush (2)

    A little girl with a secret crush,
    His face stands out in the rush...

  • I sit here talking to you being the best friend I...
    Because I know thats all I'll ever be...

  • To love this much,
    But know I can't have you...

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  • I Live to Dance and I Dance to Live. The Music Flows through Me Like My Blood. I Hear The Beat and I Move My Feet, My Body Going With The Flow. I Am a Dancer. Its What I Do and I Am Good At It. I Live To Dance.

    11 years ago
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  • The clouds seem to disappear, but its just the calm before the storm.

    12 years ago
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  • Sometimes you just gotta crank the Stereo and Sing your Heart out.

    12 years ago
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