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The path we chose, the friends we trust, the life we lead. It is short lived but there is light, a light we must and have to gather, thought all the aboved mentioned, for if we never gather the light, we walk though this life blind, confused, angry, hard, cold. A faceless hollow shell of what was once a person. I still have hope but as everyday that passes, that hope gets weaker and weaker. I know it's out there, finding it is the hard part .


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  • Age : 99
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  • I have 2 people loving friends
    I know they'll be there to the end...

  • I see your face
    The wonder of it all...

  • Now that the time remaining is insubstantial,
    I need to review my history while asking...

  • Alone (26)

    Your eyes light up the skies
    Dimming the stars already there...

  • I remember that day
    The fog was thick and gray...

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  • Leave the broken pieces on the floor.......let's not be strangers anymore.....

    11 years ago
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  • Friends......show me one without them......I'll show you a lonely, empty person...

    11 years ago
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  • I love, therefore I lost.....

    11 years ago
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