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Latest Poems By ReinaPuente

  • Say what you need to say
    but im not making no promise to listen...

  • I tell you that I'm not gonna cry
    As tears run down my cheeks...

  • Holding the gun up to my head...
    ready and set to pull the trigger...

  • I dont wanna feel like you only act like you care.
    or you only say you love me, because its three...

  • What is that i am not doing?
    what is that i am...

Latest Quotes By ReinaPuente

  • Im done.
    done trying to please everyone.
    and always trying to make everything right when everythings a mess.
    when its a fact that at the end we all lose.
    were tricked in to some game, we think we can out beat it, but we just let it be

    12 years ago
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  • Behind each scar theres a story.
    behind each tear theres a reason.
    and behind each lie theres the grieving unwanted truth.

    12 years ago
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  • He's my morning thought.
    the true appearing smile.
    the light when its dark.
    he's my night in shinning armer.
    the king to my castle.
    my desired love.
    he's my heart an my soul, he's the one,always and forever.

    12 years ago
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