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Hello, I'm Janet. How Are You?
i enjoy: colors,red pens,thunderstorms,hair ties,masks,fairy wings,Three Days Grace,eyeliner,gummy bears,bats,rings,the smell of hair dye,texting,nail clippers,sticks,shrap sticks,tissues,the smell of my vacuum,crayons,AriZona Tea,sourextremeairheadbelts,stars,blue sweatpants,astronomy,psychology,my boyfriend<3 mostly talking to him.,talking to REM,haunted houses,rollercoasters,suranwrap,high lighters,movies(romance)(comedy),romantic books,Nicholas Sparks,The Notebook,A Walk to Remember,black roses,photobucket,staples,talking,burning paper,laughing at peoples' missery,zissors,checkers,hoodies,screaming people,milk,spoons,sneakers bar,ignoring people,scene hair,cereal,rain,long walks,reading && writing poetry,phones,writing on myself, pretending to care,funny people,pretensex,black,lighters,rings,the way a cigarret is shaped,dresses,bracelets,techno,hair clips,pink

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  • Age : 15
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  • Just how close can I get, Lord. Without loosing all control? Its all complicated with a different sense, I'm caught in the middle...

    10 years ago
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  • The hardest part is done
    Though this pain doesn't have an end
    My heart will heal with time
    The broken pieces will mend
    Someday I may even love again
    Though that day is far away
    I promise I will always be here
    Even if I'm just your friend

    11 years ago
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  • You chose to leave.
    you chose your own way
    and now im sad, with tears from that day.
    -writen by me-

    11 years ago
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