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Finally 15!!!... I cant believe it... its kind of sad actaully... but exciting at the same time... Anyways.. uhm... I dont have much to say... except for that I GIVE up on guys.. (For now anyways)...I have learned to live and have fun without them!! 8) arn't you proud of me!!! As long as I have my bestfriend, I'm set for life!! I LOVE YOU BESTFRIEND and Ill always be there for you, as you are for me... it wouldn't be life without you. I love shopping with my bestfriend... I love singing (im in choir and band... im actaully the drum majorett) I love my horse London... I love my rents.. even though we dont always get along... speacially on nights like tonigh 8/... I love candy ... I love listening to my touch... I love going to the movies.. I love writting poetry... enought of what I love.. I HATE second chances... goodbyes... letting go... liars.. cheaters... backstabbers... fights... two faced peoples... the truth... never being good enough... moving on... memories with him... mind games... being the last know

I could probably go on forever.. but I think I'm going to stop right here for now... sooo.. thats a little bit about me... Im not the greatest poet.. I just do it for enjoyment and to ease my mind... I definitly recommend it to anyone and everyone.. even if you think that your not the greatest... like me haha.. Just believe in youself


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  • An unforeseen force is chaining us together
    Bonding not only our mentality, but our souls...

  • The love you give I'll always adore
    And Cherish it for forever more...

  • As she stands there in the mirror
    Just her thoughts seem to reflect...

  • The vibration seemed to last as if forever
    My heart shook lose a ghostly fevered tear...

  • You shiver and you shake
    I am always In your dreams...

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  • Tell me something I don't know
    Tell me something that is new
    You said that you would never go
    But it was me, instead, who flew

    11 years ago
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  • I really dont know what to say... Nothing I guess... Because anything that comes out of my mind, you interpet to a lie...

    ...thanks for trusting me

    11 years ago
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  • You constantly make me laugh and cry
    Without you I'm certain I would die
    I am the lock and you are the key
    You are the only one who can complete me

    11 years ago
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