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My name is Josiah
I am from Michigan Usa

I have been writeing poems for the longest time now but just started on this website a while back but anyways if ya need some one to talk to just email me or pm me or some thing.

I comment and rate peoples poems if they rate mine.
any ways enjoy!

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Every thing I say is strong
but to the person I love they think its wrong
But now that your gone
I have no reason to stay
and maybe someday
You may understand
that I am not your man
all I want to do now
is I wish to die
I shall not tell you when or how
so dont even try
to pretend like you cared
so just leave me be
and you shall see
the love that I shared
is all ripped apart
just like what you did to my heart

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  • Love is the hardest optical you will ever meet!

    9 years ago
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