Favorite Poems of Simikiel

  • Dark Lover

    by Dawn

    Broken bones
    and mangled limbs...

  • Endless Tears

    by kymberli

    I see you, do you see me? why does it have be...

  • It hurts -

    by brokenhearted teenage girl

    It hurts so much to sit here, and look into those...
    I MISS YOU...

  • Falling Apart (5)

    by Lost Dreamer

    We're falling apart,
    drifting away...

  • Who would care?

    by iFallToPieces

    This depression has sucked me into a dark hole,
    I don't know what's going on, there's nothing I...

  • Short poem.

    by A Shame In His Eyes

    Being with you,
    was like holding the world in the palm of my...

  • She was a girl,
    Who fell for a boy...

  • With the pieces of my heart,
    I put myself back together...

  • Just Shake Me Off

    by Alexandra

    Shake me off.
    It's easy to do...

  • Abandonded

    by Evadelasmiley

    From the oldest friends,
    To the newest loves...

  • Love Sucks (2)

    by Twisted Angels Whispers

    Love is pain.
    A ripshock of the heart...

  • Life Of False Pretences (2)

    by FindingHarmonyInYurCries

    You look at the black eye,
    Staring back in the mirror...

  • Memories (2)

    by FindingHarmonyInYurCries

    Looking at an old picture of me,
    Through the broken glass...

  • The Dream (1)

    by FindingHarmonyInYurCries

    I happen to have a dream,
    Where the birds fly upside down...

  • Slit (11)

    by Hollywood

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue...

  • Already dead... (196) 22

    by Rolo

    Lonely and hurt,
    Broken I remain...

  • In This World

    by victoria

    In this world,
    you can feel so alone...

  • The Fifth Cut (5)

    by Hurtingsoul

    It started with one simple cut
    Gradually screwing her up...

  • Black Waters (1)

    by shadow

    I'm stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean
    Floating on water as black as the blackest tar...

  • Breakdown (1)

    by Sadie bishop

    Shes a gorgeous Girl
    Beautiful indeed...

  • Growing up,
    I've been beat up...

  • But, have you? (1)

    by FindingHarmonyInYurCries

    You may have heard the words,
    Help, Sorry, Lost and Goodbye...

  • Nothing Hurts Me Like Today

    by Some Random Human

    I couldn't sleep last night,
    I just cried instead...

  • Lie to Me (1)

    by Alexandra

    Lie to me one last time,
    Tell me everything's alright...

  • Silent Broken Heart (1)

    by FindingHarmonyInYurCries

    The silent broken heart,
    Beats without a sound...

  • Burning

    by The Upsides

    The burning my lips felt,
    After your kiss...

  • Dreams or nightmares?
    They're both the same...

  • Scabs

    by Clarise

    I gave you my heart,
    even though it was busted and bandaged...

  • Shattered (2)

    by Salina Is Beautiful Galm

    You took my heart and broke it in two
    it is only broken because of you...

  • Jezabelle Suicide (2)

    by jescelle

    Fear and temptaiton, the fingers trace me,
    No mercy or space, come my way...

  • Sister of the Moon (7) 2 HM

    by Maple Tree

    She lurks along corridors,
    mimics shadows of fire...

  • Watching a child,
    Watching the fights...