TearS 4 My FatheR (FrOm Another View)

by ♥•oOo Nikki oOo•♥©   Oct 22, 2004

I Saw Him Lying In The Casket Peacefully Asleep

And My Ears Drowned In The Sounds Of My Family Members Weep

My Life Is At a Stand Still I Was In Ultimate Disarray

How Can You Tell A Little Girl Her Father Died Today

I Saw So Much Depression In My Family Members Eyes

I Heard Their Pain In The Essence Of Their Cry's

I Looked Away From The Present I Wanted To Stay Strong

But Deep In My Heart I Was Hurting All Along

I Didn't Want Anyone To Hear Or See My Pain

I Didn't Want Anyone To Know Of The Hurt That Knows My Name

I Use To See People Cry And Wonder Why They Even Bother

But These Tears i Cry Today,These Tears Are 4 My Father

He Was Raised In A House-Hold Where Men Just Didn't Cry

They Weren't Raised To Let a Tear Fall Out Their Eye

It Was a Horrid Way 2 Be Raised Without Emotion

But 2 His Family He Showed Ultimate Devotion

4 All The Times He Wanted To Just Cry

4 All The Times He Wanted To Let The Pain Fall Out His Eye

I'm Going To Cry Till My Eyes Are Out Of Tears

I'm Going 2 Cry 4 How My Father Felt All Those Years

The Pain In My Tears Are More Than Just Salty Water

These Tears Are For The Man i Once Knew As My Father


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Raven

    I have to comment because this was amazing! I too lost my father at an early age but my family didn't really care.... Parents divorced. I was all he had left and I had moved away with my mom to another state .... It had been 8 years since I last saw him,on the day he died which was in 2002. lovely poem, enjoyed it very much!!!

  • 13 years ago

    by xXits meXx

    Beautiful....u always make me cry..! 5/5 again


  • 14 years ago

    by Poet

    It wuz good really good 5/5

  • 14 years ago

    by Tainted Beauty

    That was so full of emotion, it was jsut amasing! It was so detailed and sad i almost cried, I hope this isn't a true story, cause that would be horrible! You've got talent though, wow.


  • 14 years ago

    by donk2ymouth

    Good poem I like it