Fathers Day Poems

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  • HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Father! :{ you ain't here with me to say it to you...

  • Thank You Dad!

    by Kylie Munoz

    Dad, you've always been there for me and I don't...
    No matter where I was or what you were doing...

  • What Is A Dad? (1)

    by irespectfemales

    What Is A Dad?
    A dad is someone who...

  • Dear Dad

    by Aliah

    Emotions, hard to describe
    Yet you always knew, how I felt inside...

  • Fathers Day (2)

    by shania

    Fathers day is almost here
    Fathers day it's time to share...

  • Wrapped In Tissue Paper,
    And sealed with a Kiss...

  • Grandfather

    by PebsM

    The hard weary years,
    Etched in a face...

  • My Father (3)

    by Brix Ambray

    His soul strengthens mine,
    His smile encourages everyone...

  • Dunia me sbse phle dekhi thi
    Wo ankhen aapki thi...

  • The Man and the Boy on the Moon (1)

    by dollwithafrown

    Midnight lights and blueberry skies
    match the smile on your face...

  • The Hard Road (4) 2

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Never thought you loved me
    Our time was always cold...

  • A Father

    by Beautiful Chaos

    A father never wants to see
    His child go astray...