Hello Again Dear Woman

by Maple Tree   Dec 3, 2014

Hello Mom P-

It's been a year and ten months
of silent tears, but who's counting right?

It's a cold day in December,
the snow is covering our flower
bulbs, preserving them for spring-

April, they bloom in April,
the month you left our world.

I bake in a kitchen where laughter
once mixed with cookie dough
and even though you passed on
the cookies taste like you once made
them.... because you are always with me.

I wrote such sadness after you smiled
for the final time.

Forgive me Mom,
your death made my pixie wings
melt, and there wasn't enough dust
to perk up the words.

Tonight I spoke with a dear friend
of your beauty, somthing I haven't
done in quite some time, realizing
I never wrote your final silhouette,
it's time Momma; For you ~

Epitaph of Mary Sue Pike-

Her memory is a soft flower
blooming within an April shower
shining eyes twinkling this hour
writing of her beauty, love and power.

Dedication: This poem is dedicated to all who loved this incredible woman, she was a fellow poet, friend, Mother and Best friend..


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Mahal Ko Kuya Ko

    I wish I could comment properly about this piece, I really wish I could, but I'm not good at commenting ): This write is moving and touching and lovely. This is sorrowful, sad, and beautiful. The emotions that are poured with every word really go straight to the hearts of the reader. I really love everything about this -- the memories that you tell, April, the kitchen and the cookies, how her memory is a soft flower, and of course, how much you love your mother dearly. Beautiful and moving write. Thanks for sharing (: I really adore this (:

    --- MKKK

  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Maple Tree has given us a very touching dedication this week, one which will bring you to tears, especially if you had the pleasure of knowing the dear woman whom the poem speaks about. The touching details in this poem are beautiful, personal, and truly capturing. A poem that easily brings memories alive and captures the soul of Momma Pike once more, for everyone to remember.

  • 3 years ago

    by Robert Gardiner

    Wonderful Tribute Maple!!!

  • 3 years ago

    by James Garrett

    A beautiful thought of a person who she loved dearly. I hope Mom hears your words but u know she loved u dearly and wants u to rememberase her just as she was. I'm sure she is quiet proud of u.

  • 3 years ago

    by Tara Kay

    When I read this, I didn't have the words to express my thoughts, for how can you express the kind of beauty your words hold?
    I still am at a loss of what to say, and I know how much this piece means to you, how much Dear Momma P meant to everyone here. She was truly a remarkable woman.

    When you messaged me to tell me of your win, I was joyous for you, and I also felt your sadness and how overwhelmed you were. It was so very much deserved and I know Momma P is watching you and is every so proud of your strength and wisdom.

    Love always x

    • 3 years ago

      by Maple Tree

      Sighs, my heart was heavy for this win...you knew sweet Tara... Thank you for this lovely comment

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