The grandmother's story

by The Fairy Mary Poppins   Oct 29, 2015

Once ago in a
started an old
yet warm and
kind crone.

"There was this
young girl"

she chuckled, as
the stories always
seem to start with

"Well this young
maiden had
battled many wars
some she had won,
others she
unfortunately lost."

With the last word
she stopped as in
pain, and continued

"This story isn't one
of sweet endings
although it might
have one, in the
distant future, but
for now, it's not the
typical happy-ever-after-
ending you may want.

Sighing softly, she smiled
but in her eyes you
could see the pain she had
masked with that deceiving

"Time had passed and she
fell in love, it wasn't long
that she had lost that love
in painful way.

As a widow she continued
to live life in a hollow form
until she fell once again in
love. Now this time she didn't
lose the one she loved...

although the
pain she gained inside
her heart, made her wish she
had lost the one that made
her laugh...

...if only to bring back the
buddle of joy she had seen
go to Heaven herself."

Pausing again she wiped away
a stray tear that went down
her chin.

"I apologize for that, this story
will always make me want to cry."
She told her grandkids who were
already grown, but still loved their
abuelita very much.

"Yes, this woman had suffered a lot
losing her first love, then losing
her daughter, it was hard for her
to keep fighting to live a life she
knew she didn't want to battle

Her husband saw how his beautiful
wife, slowly bit by bit turned into
herself and closed everyone out that
even dared to bring up their apologizes.

So he planned a way where she
could cry till she couldn't anymore.
He got her in a room with himself
in it as well, told their friends not to
open the door until two hours
was over and done with.

Here she screamed like a banshee to
be let out, and he kindly told her that
they wouldn't be out of that room
until she let every emotion out that
she had bottled up and never let free.

She stared at him and said, 'Is that a
path you really want me to go down
to? For me to cry and curse the world
out?' and he responded in a softer
voice, 'I only want to see you smile in
happiness again, I don't care what you
say I'll always be there to love you.'

Then she broke down and cried for the
injustice women went through it was a
delicate subject but she cried not only
for the daughter that she had lost, also
for the things she would've done had
she still been here with them.

The long nights she would constantly be
awake to change dippers, and give milk
to her daughter, to when she started growing
up and she could dress her up in beautiful
girly dresses, to the day she would see her
get married. All that had been ripped away
when she had her miscarriage.

Her husband heard every word, and it stabbed
him deep down that his wife had to hold in
that torture in. He cried alongside her and for
that time they bonded and once again fell in love.
Years later they attempted once again."

Smiling brightly, even the shadows went away from
her eyes, she continued.

"They had a beautiful baby girl, and what once had
been taken from her, she once again had the chance
to do over, yes one of her beautiful daughters was in Heaven
but she had a new mission in life. To be the mother
that would be there for her daughter to guide her, to
love her, to protect her, to see her off when she got
to spread her wings so to speak. Some days she was
terrified it was going to be a big dream, but her husband
took her in his arms and kissed the worry away.

Now she's a grandmother, she got to see her child get married
in a beautiful wedding gown, with a veil that didn't mask her
happiness, saw her give birth to her first grandchild, and finally
she got to see her grandkids grow up and be happy, so in the
end she was thankful for all the pain she went through.

The end."


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    Wow!!! I am blubbering like a baby right now. Good job

  • 2 years ago

    by Gasttlee

    Wow, deep. You also bring classic fairytale phrases here in a unique way and more modern like.

  • 2 years ago

    by donna

    I enjoyed reading this. I felt the sadness, related to the trapped emotions inside and was so glad of the happy ending!
    Good work

  • 2 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    One thing most of us believe is that this well written mini novel is based on very real events , much like the poem I wrote almost fifteen years ago (which will be one of my requests for you to read) the happily ever after is as romantic as the continued story of Adam and Eve of those that assured me of a paradise all I need do is accept to become my destiny

  • 2 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    So very touching from the beginning to the end. What all we have to endure in life and I see a woman with such great strength. Life is like a rollercoaster with so many ups and downs but with each a lesson is learned. I also feel the love this woman had within herself and for others. I could go on and on. Add to my favorite

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