The Death of a Mother

by Courtney   Jul 15, 2016

The world is so small from here,
as i'm walking into my dreams.
letting go of reality,
letting go of everything.

I walk through these lands,
nothing but my hearts desire.
love, animals, peace and tranquility,
i decide to stay for awhile.

Wearing a gorgeous dress of pure white,
i sit on the green hill.
While alone with peaceful creatures,
sitting together so still.

"Why can't the world be this way?"
I softly ask to the sky.
Nothing's hurting, no wrongs,
nothing has to die.

The hill starts to turn,
as peace slides away.
"You cannot leave,
on this hill you must stay."

A voice rang out,
as she slowly appeared.
Mother nature in all her glory,
she spoke calming and clear.

"I wish the world was like your dreams,"
she spoke as red slowly crept in.
"Instead we have smoke and darkness,
and hate is starting to win."

She was so beautiful,
her skin was green and soft.
Beautiful blue hair,
and a long dress made of moss.

"What are we watching?" I asked,
"Both of our worst dreams,
It's my death and destruction,"
She says as to my arm she clings.

We watch the pollution,
of seas turning black.
People who don't care,
so they turn there back.

Trees cut down,
animals thoughtlessly killed.
people destroying her,
with their free will.

More start to gather round us,
"thank you all for being here."
she says to them,
"This is all of our fear."

"What can we do?"
A voice rang out.
"Change their ways?"
Our mother answered back with doubt.

She was becoming weak,
as we watched them continue on.
"They know what they're doing,
yet they don't call it wrong."

Our mother fell to the ground,
while hundreds surrounding her.
But we are not enough.
as billions are her murderer.

She looks up as us,
"Thank you for being here,
and for always caring about me."
She starts to close her eyes with a tear.

Our mother disappears,
and so does our island of green.
as billions come to destroy us as well,
to feed their machines.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Em

    Courtney, like Mahal I though this was about the death of a mother first with the title and how you first portrayed the mother and then I continued reading and realised that it was intact about mother nature which is a shame as it's a sad (though beautifully written) piece with a very powerful message about what we are all doing to this beautiful place we were given.

    Great write, Em

  • 2 years ago

    by Mahal Ko Kuya Ko

    Hmm... At first I thought it is about the death of a human mother, but it turns out it's about Mother Nature. Haha. Nice message here, the emotions are raw and it gives sincerity to this piece.

    --- MKKK

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