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There are things worse than death.

A lot of the poems in my profile are extremely old, and from a time when I was immature and just blooming into the person I have become. Until recently, I haven't been online nor written/submitted any new material. Do not judge me on the person I was, but judge me on the person I have become [if you must judge me at all]. Honestly, I go over some of my old poems and the only reason why they're good (which, aesthetically and poetically: my older poems are absolutely and without a doubt some of the worst poems I have ever read) is because they show a transition period for me, a concise statement that says I've molded myself into someone I can say I'm proud to be. Suffice to say, we may not all be proud of where we came from, and I told the story of where I came from in black and white, shamelessly if a bit imperfectly. We are all scrounging for our own definition of "normal" in this world, and through many years of searching I have found something close enough. I love people, and whether you are old or new to the site, I welcome your friendship. We aren't here to just read and write poetry-- we are here to make lasting friendships that span throughout our lifetimes. Ask me for my name, if you'd like to get to know me.

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  • Anger in its rawest state:
    destruction when I am irate...

  • Mine is a face better kept hidden.
    A screen, a wall, a roof, the darkness...

  • This despicable monster lives inside me,
    engorging itself on my lifeblood...

  • Act (3) 4

    There is a time in the past
    you will look back on...

  • I'm glad that it's a secret --that your words fill...
    and that you haven't seemed to notice the fake...

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  • Adjoined with every book you'll read is one you never will.


    2 years ago
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  • "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

    ~Andre Gide

    9 years ago
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  • "Some people go down in history, others go down with it."


    9 years ago
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