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I am 29 years old and live in the UK after moving here from the states when I was 8. I write poems to help me through. I tend to only write when I am feeling down or dealing with emotion I struggle with. I suffer from depression, I feel I'm doing good. If I'm posting a lot on here its probably because I'm not doing so good. I write from the heart and for my heart not to be a 'good writer' I'm not that conceited.

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  • Age : 29
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Latest Poems By cantchangeme

  • I light another cigarette
    Up against the burning sky...

  • There is someone else that sees through my eyes
    Someone to hold my hand when I'm lost...

  • Black smoke trails in front of taillights
    Sun sinks slow beneath the ground...

  • Iridescent light fades
    Fighting to a loss against the dark...

  • Because killing is what we do
    Because we're not controlling you...

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  • I’m fully aware
    That our hosts are spiders
    Our fathers didn’t call this a web for nothing

    1 month ago
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  • To have seen nothing of the world and know little is much lesser a sin to have seen the whole world and know nothing

    1 year ago
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  • Things will never be alright
    Kids will fall into the footsteps of their fathers
    And one day morning will never come

    1 year ago
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