Saviour Self

by Cantchangeme   Aug 16, 2004

This tunnel so dark
I can't see the end
Built from my insecurities
And i can't pretend
That I'm not still thinking
Or I'm not dreaming too
But as long as I'm dreaming
I'll always be dreaming of you

Drugs do help
Pain they help to ease
But what will you do
When your saviour is your disease

Watch the rain fall down
As it hits the ground
Raindrops fall like tears
It's a familiar sound
To hear someone hurting
Someone bleeding
So are you really alive
Or just breathing

There's the hospital door
Here's my holiday
They'll take whats left
And throw it all away

See the last chance fail
Watch the sun die
As the light filters through
Can you see behind my eye
Can you see inside my mind
Do you believe in god now
He has never been there for me
Has he been there for you

Drink to your saviour now
Drink to his health
Why is he your saviour
Why don't you save yourself


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Latest Comments

  • 19 years ago

    by Mephastophilis

    I know i've already commented on this poem before, but i just wanted to write a bit more because i don't think i really expressed what i think about it properly and i basically advertised my poem on it (soooo sorry) i love this poem, its really deep and i love the title and your clever play on words. its another poem that showcases your amazing talent and i love the first stanza. anyways take care. xmollyxx

  • 19 years ago

    by Dani Ward

    very sad, i'm sorry you feel that way, although i have at times to. i hope things get better.

  • 19 years ago

    by Mephastophilis

    this is great- i really like the line about your savior being your disease- genius. also love the message about depending on yourself. god sucks, he's never been there. oh and thanks so much for your truly uplifting comment about my poem, just posted a new one along the same line though not quite as good. anywayz i should stop rambling on. great poem, u're truly talented. xmollyxx

  • 19 years ago

    by Baby B

    This is well written, rhymes, and has a great rythem. You are a great writer and keep up the good work. Nice job. Love it.

  • 19 years ago

    by My Obsεssion

    Love the form you wrote it in. Love the poem. Love your work. Yes there is much to love... <33

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