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It has been far too long since I have posted. Time to get back to the basics. Love and light.

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  • Country : USA, Arizona
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  • The falsehood of time gives us an illusion
    We're living to die through massive confusion...

  • My soul is flooding with the rain
    of my secret source of pain...

  • Mindflow (6) 1

    Watch the evening willows cry; the birds flow...
    And as the tale's ending goes, happily ever, the...

  • Here I dream while sorrow's singing, bells of pity...
    Harsher than I once remember, burning through its...

  • Stagnate in motion, bound by your hate
    These words flow freely, yet carry no weight...

Latest Quotes By Rolo

  • "Find the eternal depths of your soul and you'll find the one place love will never end."


    9 years ago
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  • "Play the music of your soul and always be true to the rhythm of your heart."


    9 years ago
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  • (Random Verse)
    I stare through you blindly,
    looking what I can't say...
    Just once I wish you'd stare back
    And say it in that same way


    13 years ago
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