Favorite Poems of Courtney Hough

  • Midnight Prayer (15) 2

    by -] Nobody [-

    So I say another prayer for us
    And I write you again...

  • Fell (15) 8 HM

    by Maher

    Have you seen the waves that drip from the sky -
    bound by the Earth and the faces of tides...

  • Life starts (29) 17 HM

    by Brenda

    I sloughed you off
    like a snake...

  • Self-Image (1) 2

    by Jazzaroolich

    When you've lived a life
    of never being enough...

  • Unafraid (1)

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Healing has begun, I awoke underground,
    My pain echoing off dirt walls...

  • She looks at you with tears in her eyes
    The secret lingering on her lips...

  • Swimming through a canyon of love without a...
    Closing my eyes so I don't have to see the love...

  • The Art of Letting Go (9)

    by NightFlyer

    Goodbye my friend, nothing remains
    I fled from you on speeding trains...

  • Be Careful (4)

    by VeinsofHate

    Be careful they say
    Don't give in...

  • Your Mermaid Song (4) 3

    by NightFlyer

    We meet again one dreamy night
    Of emerald green on midnight's shore...

  • 9/11 (2)

    by VeinsofHate

    Two twin buildings burning to the ground.
    It shock the whole country...

  • Rusty Spoons (12)

    by Finding myself

    Velvet sky lines lace mountain tops
    My body lays broken among death...

  • Sonnet to Addiction (2)

    by TorturedTourniquet

    Once you've gone and tasted excessive pain,
    There is no way to get your old joy back...

  • Hell (15)

    by AngelicDecadence

    Death and burning flames...
    It's funny how everyone's scared of hell...

  • The Girl With a Broken Life. (Collab) (9)

    by Courageous Dreamer

    `Collab with James...

  • She Saved Me

    by TorturedTourniquet

    She saved me.
    Took me back to where I wanted to be...

  • Little Girl (4)

    by lost in the words

    Silent night, forceful breeze.
    Little girl, with many pleas...

  • The Mermaid (16) 1

    by Bradley Peter

    Sweeping through the jungle
    pushing passed the trees...

  • A Vampire's Curse (21)

    by Bradley Peter

    Drenched in blood, sweat and pain
    my thirst unquenched by mortal rain...

  • What it is to live (18)

    by Jacqui Armstrong

    He walked through the door a tear in his eye
    He lifted his sleeve and wiped it dry...

  • Desperation (3)

    by Poetic Grunt

    Words Etched into my soul, leaving scars as they...
    Though I try and cry out desperately, but no ones...

  • Live (9)

    by Hallucinostic

    Keep your distance away from the razor.
    You don't really want to do this, I know...

  • Crucify your mind (4) 1

    by Dancing Rivers

    Erratic thoughts, flow
    tranquil as the Thames...

  • My Sleeping Beauty (2)

    by Daylight Lucidity

    Upon her bed, sleeps my queen
    her eyes don't flutter, her lips not parted...

  • Heaven on earth (7)

    by Karl Wild GG23

    I used to think I had to die to see heaven,
    But now I realize...

  • The night embraced the sleepy city yet again,
    The moon shines silvery upon this world of men...