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I only created this account because its been years since i've last logged on,
& i dont remember my passwords unfortunately.

But, if you are interested in my writing, etc, those are my other pages are listed in my favorites..
Keep in mind I was much younger when those were written & I was going through alot. Anyways, eventually i might post some new stuff.
On the other hand,
if anyone has any questions then dont be afraid to message me!
Thanks in advance for all likes, comments, etc. They are all taken into consideration and well appreciated.(: <3

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  • Age : 24
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  • Country : USA
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Latest Poems By C J T

  • Dreaming (2) 2

    Been fighting sleep...

  • You are my king.
    My love...

  • Ones heart is sacred.
    But alone, faces so much...

  • I got to hear your voice tonight
    For the first in quite some time...

  • The clip is fully loaded,
    He heads out into the night...

Latest Quotes By C J T

  • I can hear you calling out to me
    But your so far out of reach
    Your somewhere praying deeply
    Im somewhere on the beach..

    1 week ago
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  • Just because I sometimes think of suicide..
    It doesn't mean I want to die..
    It means I want the pain to end..

    1 week ago
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  • Before you say it's over,
    Say you love me, one last time..
    I don't know what I did wrong,
    All I know is without your heart,
    My worlds will crash instead of collide..

    1 week ago
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