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  • The saddest tears are the driest ones seen in the bravest smile.

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  • Don't tell one who writes of grief to rethink their "I" statements. When you know they had tears on their hands as they wrote, don't say the poem could be better. You might as well say their grief could be worse.

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  • A true poet is not defined by his ability to write well; rather, his ability to feel profoundly.

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  • If someone shares a poem with you that is meant to help close an open wound, they don't want your opinion. They want your hand on their shoulder, gripping it tight.

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  • When I thought of giving up, I saw the bird with broken wings still being able to fly, and came to realize I have no broken part- then why shall I surrender?Perhaps even the smallest of things can go on with even the smallest they can find.:-)

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  • Strength isn't success, if getting there was easy; its continuing in spite of failure. The ones who fight the tide, beat the undertoe, and make it to where their treasure is burried are the strong ones. Its not over there, they still have to dig.

    by Tony
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  • Be the kind of friend you wish you had...

    by Shruti
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  • With every tear that's shed, there's a lesson to be learned.

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  • I fear the life of a poet is plagued by an unquenchable thirst for happiness.

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  • The best thing you can ever do in your life is to always maintain a healthy sense of humor. Believe me, it really helps you get through tough times.

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