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  • If our eyes refuse to accept the burden of the world's ills, then our hearts will bear the dreadful grief, despite the inevitability of them shattering.

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  • In life take your time, look around for awhile and take in your surroundings, be thankful for what you have because you won't have it forever

    by Em
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  • Sometimes it's not the music that gets us emotional it's the people and things that come to mind when listening to it.

    by Em
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  • I have been searching for my knight in shining armour but keep being sent idiots in tin foil.

    by Em
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  • A battered soul makes a kind heart.

    by Em
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  • Happiness is one thing you make yourself,
    others just contribute to it.

    by Em
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  • That words can be simply plucked from the air and shaped into something beautiful is fascinating and wonderful indeed.

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  • When life gives you lemons make sure you find someone with vodka and have yourself a real good party.

    by Em
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  • A mirror reflects nothing worth seeing.

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  • One can only hope that the world will destroy humanity long before humanity destroys it.

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