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  • Optimistically pessimistic

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  • Maybe I’m homesick.
    For what? I’ll never know.

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  • Sometimes it is better to take a deep breath, exhale and wipe the slate clean.

    by Jamie
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  • Love is, finding the annoying endearing and never knowing it annoyed anyway.

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  • Terrorism has no faith, and definitely no has no place in Islam.

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  • But whenever I try to speak, my words and your tears would always evaporate into the silent memories of water.

    by [M(/)U]
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  • Sleep is a delusion to the overthinker,.

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  • The hardest thing I ever did perhaps, was confronting the fact that I am not ready to die, regardless of my feeling and how much I want to.

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  • Why must we drone on, day after day? Explore.

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  • Between impossiblity and possibility, is your inability to give it another try as well as giving your brain pace to process your thoughts of belief system.

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