Slang Quotes

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  • Dont tap it if u cant wrap it

    by nicole
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  • My style iz SO FRESH!!...yep, yall ho3z tryna bite stop frownin up ya face wen u kno u Like it!!!


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  • Wipe away my tears and call me yourz. Thats all I want to hear.

    by Bunnie
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  • Neva take anybody 4 granted u neva kno wen u might loose that person

    by Aliysia
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  • WHY!
    Why me?
    why her?
    How could you do that?
    how dare you go that far?
    even though were over
    even though were through
    You still hurt me the way you use too?

    by Melissa
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  • Have u eva wanted somthin so bad n dan when u get it u realize u didnt really want it??

    dis really happened 2 me!

    by sobe
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  • What do you do,
    when you fall in love with the wrong person?

    by Kalee
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  • If practice makes man perfect and nobody's perfect, then why practice?

    by feby
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  • Only god can juge me

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  • You can have a friend forever and lose a guy tomorrow, but nothing is better than j/k

    by britt
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