Fathers Day Poems

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  • Father vs. Man (10)

    by Ike Dizzle

    Father vs. Man
    A father is cares about his wife...

  • A Husband and a Father (14)

    by =)~ BJ ~(=

    A husband and father
    no greater could there be...

  • His Fault (6)

    by Carolina g

    He's always yelling,
    with anger in his eyes...

  • Victor
    You are my new daddy...

  • To My Daddy (8)

    by =)~ BJ ~(=

    Right now I'm small and don't quite

  • Father's day (7)

    by Jacqui Armstrong

    You are there for me when I need you
    To watch me pass and to see me through...

  • Daddy's Day (6)

    by Ann Stareyes

    I've truly been blessed
    To have you all these years...

  • Can't believe I'm about to have a new relative
    Well, the doctor called and said your test was...

  • Daddy's little girl (3)

    by Ashleigh

    I'm your little girl daddy
    as i sit here on your lap...

  • To you, Dad (4)

    by Behind Blue Eyes

    What do you say to the man
    Who you've known your entire life...

  • Fathers Day (2)


    I always had a reason
    fabricate some lie...

  • Dad (3)

    by Emma Carnage

    Why does a daughter need a dad?
    Dad's are there to wrestle with...