by (Linda) Leavers   Aug 20, 2019

The mental blackout curtains,
the heavy, wet fabric laid on my cerebellum

is dry,

the cloth slid back.

I guess I’m on my Feet again.

They take me to the bathroom
where my tub fills,
where my body sinks,
where my rough legs turn to silk,

where my neglect becomes my protected
when the oil is washed from my hair.

Where what needs plucked, moisturized,
painted, braided,

is priority again.

Squeaking my hand across the steamy mirror
I’m happy to see me this morning.


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  • 8 months ago

    by H. Elizabeth

    This is beautiful and I love to see you’re still writing. Great job <3

  • 9 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Gotta say I love the hope in this, the genuine feeling of being happy to wake up, after all, that has to come from you primarily though others may try to help you see that "light" in greeting a new day. Such a gentleness in these lines, and sometimes we need others to care for us first. No shame in that. Especially when we don't have the energy, the strength (mental, emotional or physical) or feel like we deserve it. There was humility in this, in allowing others to put you first, to accept that and know it's a journey of self-care.

    Lovely, Linda :)

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