Trouble on the Poop Deck

by Larry Chamberlin   Aug 27, 2019

Back then Admiral Hornblower controlled
all the coast of Spain where he waylaid
New World ships bearing the kings gold.
To a cabin boy aloft on the stern he bade:
“watch for warships, falter not, be bold,
never leave this post, above all be staid.”

The boy’s gut rumbled, slop and gruel
warred in belly for quick blest release
but he kept his post ‘spite fits so cruel
he felt sure he’d need that final priest,
‘til he, embarrassed, let drop a jewel
by name of the deck that it did grease.

Yet the boy did stay and maintain post
regardless of the stinking mess,
screamed “ship ahoy off Iberian coast”
upon seeing three sails no less.
First mate thought he smelt a ghost
but praised the lad nevertheless.

So they gave that deck a fitting name
after the acts of the boy not to blame.

[Note: the poop deck is the highest deck in the aft (rear) of a sailing ship.]
From Luce’s contest


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  • 5 months ago

    by Everlasting

    See? If it weren’t for this poem, I wouldn’t have learnt about the existence of a poop deck. It never crossed my mind that that would be its name.

    Thank you for participating.

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