My Kobe Sonnets

by Mark   Mar 9, 2020


You left the fog that took your heart from us,
We linger there within your numbers left
To add, subtract in all to equal thus:
Your eight and twenty-four's are now bereft.
Our sorrow pleas that greatness live once more!
Perhaps there's golden baskets where you are,
Thereby your baby as you were before;
And each by turn would sparkle in a star!
The clouds conceal your form but not your praise
You're taken into fame of higher realms:
A mentorship for greatness and its ways,
But now forgive; our sadness overwhelms:

For mourner's mourn where yours and Gigi's keep
If graves unmarked, then markings be in weep!


But what of all his greatness, what then now;
Does his determined might just disappear
Into the clouds of far where angels bow?
Or dwells his gift, where gifts were shared down here?
To answer this we may need search our tears;
How Laker's passing made an ocean's salt
Form into sorrow vast that vast reveres!
To have me think eight's spirit, shall not halt.
As when with perseverance he did teach
Adored Gigi to strive for game's elite;
He does with us with ever passion's preach!
To drive us forth to seek our greater feat,

I sense within where inspiration cries:
Here Kobe lives, where Mamba never dies!


Oh sweet Gigi, the heavens know her now
And as their halos grow, down here have lost;
What state is there divine that state allow
The early taking that Gi's soul accost?
Archangel! Cloudy must your breath of fog!
That sent her spinning down, to then above,
High priest I pray your angels keep in log;
How much withholds from us; Gianna's love:
The love born into all the Bryant's light;
Her fans to be and all her gift inspires;
To offspring then in image of her might,
Yes, fear you've taken more; than there requires.

Keep safe the Bryant cherub, needed so!
And whisper Kobes...'he's missed more than he'll know'.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This is an absolutely stunning tribute. The fact that these are sonnets, written with such elegance and a personal love and deep admiration for him and his family, well, the emotions resounds even among such a tangible loss.


  • 7 months ago

    by Scott Cole

    Nominated my friend

  • 7 months ago

    by Maple Tree


    Your sonnets have always been divine, unique and elegant. I want to say this poem represents two precious souls with beauty, grace and dignity. Just beautiful Mark!

    Take Care,
    Andrea Pike <3

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