the windup

by hiraeth   May 31, 2020

we’ve run out of the primordial –
stalling stars, spinning chaotically
destined to crash into one another
in a beautiful supernovae. or perhaps,
we strip our essence into one another,
merging as one soul at the loss of
individuality. or would gravity falter,
ripping open a black hole as a seam
in the night sky that governs the
both of us – i've always wondered
how we would end.

how much would you pay
to light up y/our star again?


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  • 3 months ago

    by Rania Moallem

    Hits home! What a beautiful, mystic, magical, indepth, mesmerizing poem! The wording, the title, the closing line, your way of expressing this love is just enchanting. I love how the title totally wraps up the main idea and that last phrase, if only you know how much I can relate to your poems always! Is there even a price to be payed that could restore the light of such a priceless love, written in this piece?

    Inspiring Mark!

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