sanctuary. (napowrimo 2021: day 12)

by hiraeth   Apr 12, 2021

come near –

i promise you it’s safe again,
there are no more bandits here;
they’ve picked the area clean but
i've hidden enough supplies to get
us through to the next sanctuary.

i’ve got us trout to eat –
i caught him in the strait
just this morning, it’s
forbidden i know,
but there’s not much
else to eat.

i heard over the radio
that the clouds of ash
will finally pass, do you
want to set up camp over
that hill and watch the
pinks, the reds, the oranges
and yellows in the sky tonight?
it's been months, and i
can’t think of anyone
else to share this moment

prompt: "Day twelve: year 3059, the sky is grey and the ocean is drying up" as suggested by Everlasting in the Napowrimo thread


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  • 4 weeks ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    STOP lol! This is too good.

    Seriously got so invested reading this. The fear of the future, of all of these changes, yet at least having the presence of someone else to find sanctuary in when the earth, and everything else, seems to be dying.

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