by CJ Maleney   May 4, 2021

Sorry to disturb you dude,
But I don't get a lot of time to chat.
I'm not a fan of most folks
And I find my conversation lacks.

I get that I'm bloody boney,
Perhaps a horrible sight to see.
Yet I ask some seconds of your time.
Before you try to flee.

I know that you can fold time.
To be right here where you are.
Tracking you down was a nightmare,
And I've travelled near and travelled far.

I tried so hard to catch you up,
And at times did scratch my head.
Then I realised I must stop running,
And just walk behind the dead.

I guess I'm supposed to be scared of you,
Yet I think you are scared of me!
Perhaps you think "that bloke is nuts",

"And this situation should not be".

I cannot stop you leaving,
And to wherever that may be


Before you go there are things to know
And they may just set you free.

You see I am growing older,
And yes time does take it's toll.
I once was full of muscle and bravado,
But now I feel my bones.

I will not live forever,
And it's pretty much all well planned.
So if you fancy going into retirement,
Well, I guess you've found your man.

It really must frustrate you,
How people keep growing older.
When a young life can snuff out so fast,
As the scientist grow bolder.

Despite millenia of existence,
Can you equate what is going on?
I think it really must confuse you
So perhaps It's best you move along.

So I now submit my resume,
For you to discuss at length with God.
Time for you to rest your bones,
For there is s a bloke that wants your job.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by Ben Pickard

    This is great, Craig. Nominated.

    • 1 month ago

      by CJ Maleney

      Cheers Ben

      This was a bit of a bugger to write. You know me and know that when I have an idea the poem pretty much writes itself.

      This one was not like that and it's taken ages to get it to convey what I wanted. I've deleted bits then put them back added new bits then removed them a few days later. It's still not perfect but it was doing my nut in so I drew a line under it and thought that's as good as it's gonna get

      Hope you and yours are well


  • 1 month ago

    by BOB GALLO

    Old wound, fresh bleeding.
    Nicely and clearly penned.

    • 1 month ago

      by CJ Maleney

      Dips ones head in respect

      Thank you

    • 1 month ago

      by CJ Maleney

      Yes an old wound and in some ways a new bleed. The purpose of this poem is perhaps lost on many as so many are just starting out in life.

      I have put your comment up for praise for nothing other than your understanding.

      sometimes the simplest words are the most important. This is a thing lost on many. Words are power, I just wish I had better control of mine.

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