love is the way

by prasanna   May 26, 2021

you trample me with your soft fingers;
clay in your palms – i am clay in your hands,
they say love is akin to death, but i disagree.
it's an undoing, you spill every ounce of you
and hope enough splatters on them, and that
they spill right back. that's why my hands are
quivering penning this poem right now.
i ask you to light a candle and point me in the
direction of salvation, and you hurdle the sun at
me, what else am i to do then wear your words on
me like sunscreen? i'm convinced i died the night
we first met, my body was meant to ascend but is
weighed down the weight of yearning that churns
in the pit of my stomach. maybe you encompass
everything heaven has to offer. i'm homesick
but never with you. you are the sea quelling its
tide to grant me safe passage in a rowboat –
your shore is hundreds of kilometers
from here, but the voyage is pleasant enough
that i don’t mind dying en route.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Rayven

    Love is an amazing feeling, especially when it can change or heal a life. You did great to show how you feel here.

    This person was or is a light in your life which is a great thing when being in love. This person shaped your life and made you the person you are today. You are nervous abou telling this person you love them because you don't want to be hurt.

    The first time you met this person, felt like heaven. I love the idea of dying and going to heaven. That's real love honestly. You have never been sick of this person at all.

    I love this poem's story in general because you showcase what love feels like to you well and how much you love this person in general.

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