by Skyfire   Jul 13, 2021

It seems
my soot
charred your beauty
smudged away
the unbroken line
of your peace
it seems
I cannot keep
my flames
from jumping.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    The wording in this made it even more heartbreaking... how some can perceive us as being "burdens" for simply having our struggles or things that we still are working on. How that can almost be weaponized into others believing we're no longer someone to spend time with, like we somehow "ruin" their chance at progress. It reminded me of when others can weigh us down for merely existing, when all of us are just trying to handle our own demons and live our lives, we are not damaged. There is nothing wrong with us. On the first read, I almost read this with a bitter tone, but on the second read, there's almost a withdrawn tone? A reflection on that lost friendship or relationship that has become distant, and I know personally how it can be easy to think it was us or to blame ourselves for letting ourselves be vulnerable or sharing the darker parts of us to others, then wondering if that was too heavy for them to handle or if they are now seeing us and the relationship differently. Do we hold ourselves responsible or is this just how life unravels sometimes, that it can be cruel and unforgiving?

    Anyway, there's such an eloquence whenever you write, this one in particular spoke to me.

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