An unseemingly friend

by Meena Krish   Nov 8, 2022

In a lonely dark day in life,
the clouds for a future best friend
parted so he could see and understand
her needs,

A castle she built etched
with anger and pain made
an impossible entry for all,
but his persistent words
hammered away those stubborn
walls for her to see the rainbow
which he saw,

She discovered a gem
who sliced through angry thorns
and brightened her world,
trust- a distant word in her dictionary became a glue for them both,

As years passed
their bond strengthened
for in each other they found
an unseemingly, surprisingly friend from two different worlds who accepts
and appreciates each other's worth.


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  • 1 year ago

    by William Mae

    It’s a perfectly worded poem. Not a word needs changed added or removed. This friend you speak of is a lucky person to have found such a connection with you. Such a solid heartfelt write.