by Kate   Aug 12, 2023

I used to whisper my wishes to the moon,
Spoke to her as if her craters were your face.
When she was full, I’d beam back a smile
In hopes she’d send it to you in a dream.
I’d stare at her ghostly figure at dawn,
Wondering how she was still here…
But you weren’t.


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    by Synful


  • 10 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    So good to see you posting, Kate. Hope you've been well. There is so much longing in this piece, and the questioning and wonder of how this person can no longer be here. That confusion and heartache of knowing the moon will always be around, yet some people won't, for a thousand reasons we may never understand. Truly felt this piece, and it's haunting in its brevity yet full emotion.

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