Jane Doe--Her Murder

by Andrea   Nov 12, 2004

The darkness is incomplete
As the full moon shines bright.
She looks out her window
And thinks, what a sight.

A young girl,
Not more beautiful than you.
She was perfect,
Or at least she seemed to.

Tonight would be
The night to remember
Her birthday,
Which is the 12th in November.

She always tries to be perfect
And to look her best.
But she never knew that
She couldn’t ever look a mess.

She slipped her red dress on
And stared into the mirror.
Her eyes were full of disgust
Because they deceive her.

Her envious friend says
That she looks to kill for.
Still in her mind,
That doesn’t comfort more.

She thinks there is
Something wrong as she gazes,
But she never knows
How many she amazes.

Together they leave to go party
And have some fun.
After all this is her Sweet Sixteen
And it will be her only one.

As soon as they arrived,
The guys surrounded them.
One whispered in her ear
And to the other room she followed him.

His eyes were misleading
But she was blinded by trust.
He offered a drink that he spiked,
So he could have her lust.

Drinking, she never knew
How excited the guy is.
She thinks she’s losing herself
As her mind begins to fizz.

But when the feeling is gone,
She gets dizzy and passes out.
The guy takes her for a ride
Rapes her and she does not shout.

Squirming from the pain,
He beats her until she bleeds.
He takes her far away to a farm
And lays her behind the weeds.

There, he takes his knife
And punctures her ivory skin.
She is not aware what is happening,
But feels the pain within.

Just trying to breathe,
She coughs up blood.
He stabs her some more
While she lies in mud.

He takes a nearby rock
And crushes her head
Why couldn’t he have
Chosen another girl instead?

He thinks he has killed her,
So off he goes.
This is the goodbye
To her dear life that she knows.

Three days later,
Dead she is found.
Two hours away,
At a farm in a little town

They could not identify her
Because of her destroyed face.
The killer, they tried to find,
But he left without a trace.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Poetess Lana

    OMG that was sad but still a fantastic poem!!!! 5/5

  • 16 years ago

    by Soft Rain


  • 16 years ago

    by LostANDConfused

    Another masterpiece from the great poet. I loved it. You are so talented. I wish I had half the talent you did and then maybe my poems would turn out worthwhile.

  • 16 years ago

    by Emily

    it was coo

  • 16 years ago

    by Emily

    Wow, that sends a shiver down your spine.