Je Ne Sens Rien

by Torn   Aug 4, 2006

Staring at an empty screen,
Like a window to my heart.
Blank, mundane and bleak,
Like my world torn apart.

Nothing in front of me,
Road deserted with several turns.
No future to forsee,
Only signs of self-inflicted burns.

I can't take this much longer,
There's too much burden on me.
It's heavy and it's taking a price,
On who I am and what I see.

What's the point of staying strong,
When it's so easy to give in.
I know it's weak and wrong,
But you don't feel what I feel within.

Whenever I see happiness,
I tend to push it away.
But with you it was different,
I thought that you would stay.

And as I lay here all alone,
The thought runs through my head.
Wouldn't it be easier,
If I were to be dead?

To live for friends and family,
As ungrateful as this may seem.
I've spent too long picking others up,
I'm ripping at the seams.

No one who would care enough,
To hold my broken soul.
No one who would stay long enough,
To just make me feel whole.

No one to wait long enough,
To hear my desperate calls.
No one to love me enough,
To save me from closing walls.

No one but me and myself,
The biggest danger of all.
There's no security, no hope,
To catch this deadly fall.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Sungrl And Mrs Whatsit

    Outstanding....Hope you're feeling better......

  • 13 years ago

    by Cody

    *Runs over to jenn to help hold net*
    anna your amazing in more ways than one and don't you ever tell your self or let anyone else tell you diffrent

  • 13 years ago

    by mevstheworld


  • 13 years ago

    by BleedingAngel

    Ohh hunni, what an excellent poem, written by heart, I can tell....I love your poems they are so beautifully written and they are ubique and never the same...Wish you were happy, that your pain would go away, wish that I could help you out more....Just let me know okay hunni.

    Love you - Sabrina

  • 13 years ago

    by Pure Silence

    I have a net:

    No one but me and myself,
    The biggest danger of all.
    There's no security, no hope,
    To catch this deadly fall.

    and i will always be here to catch you Anna. Always. I love you to bits, you poetry is flawless, and full of passion. But I'm very very worried about you. and I'm hoping these are older poems...

    Stay Strong.