Watch Me Fall

by Torn   Jun 7, 2006

Turn a blind eye,
To the unforgiving sin.
Pretend you can't see,
Keep it within.

Lock it up away,
So deep inside.
If anyone comes close,
You know where to hide.

Push the incident out,
Wipe it off your memory.
Along with the contempt,
That you feel for me.

Sigh in utter despair,
You thought this would heal.
I told you once before,
But you wanted to feel.

Shake your head in anger,
This can't happen you,
Better than the rest,
You know we're through.

Lock me up away,
To you I was a slave,
You treated me like dirt.
Even after all I gave.

Punch that wall hard,
Get it off your chest.
I'm just another mistake,
No different from the rest.

Manage a small snicker,
As you watch me fall.
So painfully I am gone,
As is this dead end wall.


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Timothy B

    You are no mistake girl. U are presious to those willing to see deeper within U.


  • Babe whos this about? i miss you gorguz i want to see you! ily ily ily ily ily!!

  • 14 years ago

    by Sarah Ann

    Ah, this was great and wonderfully written. I hope everything is alright, you have a supreme way with using darkening and saddened words, it's so overwhelming, Keep it up! 5/5

    (Thank you for your comments on my poem! xxx)

  • 14 years ago

    by JAY Poet

    I loved it so much!!

  • 14 years ago

    by Nee

    Aww huniiiii
    awesome poem! I adored your 7th stanza! so amazing
    very well written hun I like it so much =)
    babe it isn't your fault I know you're busy enough!!!
    I don't come online that much thou! today I was in the hospital but thanx god everything is goin well..just felt like losin my conscious yesterday! tell u abt it l8r
    luv u
    study well =)