Broken Soul

by aisyned   Jan 18, 2007

The pain hurts so much,
my heart bruised with a touch of brutal pain,
and all of my tears,
just pour like rain,

my life is a mess,
and it just gets harder and harder,
i remember when,
my heart was so pure,

now i am just hurt,
a broken little soul,
and in my heart,
a deep black whole,

but when you look at me,
you see nothing wrong,
it's easy to hide,
because i have been hurt so long,

But i must not quit,
this place of strife,
and turned to god,
instead of a knife,

but my body is getting weak,
and my mind is telling me to take a knife,
but i won't,
because i know god won't want me to end my life,

so i will say in this place,
a living hell,
and hide all my secrets,
not like there is anyone to tell,

sit in my room,
staring at the ceiling,
the tears roll down my face,
they begin to sting,

but i must not quit,
i must fight this sadness,
and try to organize,
my life's big mess........................

By,Denysia Chapman-Madden


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  • 15 years ago

    by ephemera

    I was very depressed when my true love moved away and I contemplated this same thing...

    " i know god won't want me to end my life"

    It is true for me, and this line really hits home because its what keeps me alive and in love.

    " i know god won't want me to end my life"

    Perhaps to get a better understanding of why this poem is so special to me you should read "The Letter" or "My Choice [Part Two]". Thank you so much for writing this poem. You are one of my faves. 6/5


  • 15 years ago

    by DeadGirl AKA Becka

    Very well written. Keep it up!! I hope you feel better soon, well 5/5 from me kk B-Bye. Your friend DeadGirl