Together as One

by Marc Ortiz   Jul 2, 2007

Once in our lifetime there comes an angel.
I saw one today, she's an inch away from me
Her enchanting eyes are like a sparkling diamond.
Her radiant smile will reside forever in my mind.

I asked her to wear this blindfold while we walk
I lead her into the hidden dark forest.
And when we got into the core of the place
I said, "Remove the scarf my beautiful princess"

Suddenly tears run down her angelic orbs.
The whole place was full of candles and red roses.
And there right in front of her a piece of paper.
"My heart will always and forever belong to you"

I said, "Since you've left everything became cold"
I came closer to her.. "Now that I'm with you
My life has once again shined in this dark path."
You are my friend, my princess, my only one.

A thousand kisses can never compare
How I always want to be with you..
More than a thousand laughs
Wouldn't show how happy you make me.

I kneel down and reach for her soft, perfect hand..
Please give me another chance to love you again.
I reach for my pocket and produce a ring
With engraved words 'You're my only one'

She smiled, I've been waiting for this moment..
Her lips have touched mine, oh how sweet they are.
Suddenly I cough.. And red blood sprayed in the place.
I said.. Sorry I didn't tell you before..

It was my death wish to see your smile..
My time is limited.. I'm going to die..
She said, "I will never leave your side.."
Together we will depart this world.. Never to be apart..

Forever our hearts will beat together as one.

*The idea Thousands is from SoSickofTears/Jenni Marie "A Thousand Words, Kisses And Smiles"*

*Opening line is from a poem made by Britt :)*

'An Angel I do believe'



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  • 2 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    This poem was brimming with romance, every girls dream, the images beautiful. Then the kicker at the end was heart wrenching. To finally have your love and realise they are only yours for a tiny moment in time was heart breaking. A rollercoaster of poetic emotion. Loved it. Milly x

  • 12 years ago

    by dirtyhands

    Mukhang inluv ka ka pardz ah,,
    lufet mo tlga!
    proud to be pinoy!

  • 13 years ago

    by DoRk

    I like dis poem its so true bt yet so elegant. I like d meaning. Man wat ppl do 4 love right, crazy

  • 13 years ago

    by Sourav

    Very well written poem. Very romantic. Lines are very touchy and good. Thanks for sharing.

  • 13 years ago

    by ilu

    That was well written!!..

    Keep up the good work!>.


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