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i'm morgan.
[[the same person as .:morgan:. and morganx3jay.]]
i'm fourteen years young.
i love writing and in the past might have even been good at it.
i've had writers block for the last six months or so now.
therefore, i'm done writing.
or at least at this momment.
it's not a bad thing though,
maybe it just means i'm healing.
or at least on some sort of healthy path of that concept.
feel free to still comment my writing.
i won't take them off.
they're here for you to enjoy.
so, please do so.

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  • "I closed my eyes and wished opon a shooting star. I woke up the next morning but you were still far from me."

    He said that in Disney World, all dreams come true... except this one.

    ---Josh Harter

    16 years ago
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  • _And if there was anything in the WORLD that I could choose to have... I would want to see you smile_

    16 years ago
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  • And as I turned arond, for the LAST time, it ALMOST seemed like you cared...

    16 years ago
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