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The Names Kayla... And im 18 years of age.. i love writting poems and find that its helps me get through alot of life's problems i have to face.. Ive been writting poems now for about 2 years.. I havent been on this site much lately but i have so many new poems that id like to share...

Comments are most wanted
and ratings are appreciated

hope u like what i have to share..


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Latest Poems By Paige aka Kayla

  • This isn't exactly a poem... Its just something...
    Sometimes in life things don't always go according...

  • 20 weeks have past
    Its all gone so quick...

  • Midnight has passed
    The new year has begun...

  • My All (1) 1

    I think of you often
    And the way you make me feel...

  • Days roll by
    One by one...

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  • Enie meeni miney mo,
    im in love, and that you should know
    but if you dont
    i guess thats fine
    because it wont be long untill i make you mine

    16 years ago
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  • ~~ wat wud u attempt 2 do...if u knew u cudnt fail?~~

    16 years ago
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  • I think we're made up of all these different pieces! And everytime someone close to you goes ur left with less of urself!

    16 years ago
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