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heya im sarah and i like to be creative, feel free to vote, comment, critise ect. any of my work as i welcome any response and if you ever want to rate a poem for you then just email me

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  • Soft screams from a young teen who doesn't have...
    She longs to be seen and reconised for her beauty...

  • When the sun shines,
    I tip my face up to the light...

  • I'm not sitting in my room at home
    I have all my friends around me...

  • What happens when her beauty fades away?
    When her glowing eyes become dull...

  • Warmth (1)

    The warmth of your hands, they spread heat all...
    I used to be cold but now your warmth has changed...

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  • I enjoy my life and I will enjoy my death and I would prefer to have both on my terms.

    14 years ago
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  • Beauty is only a fashion and fashion goes out of fashion

    15 years ago
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