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Hey my name is lacey some ppl call me lace but that doesnt matter lol..poetry is my life i wouldn't be able to live with out it cuz its the only way to express my true feelings. I love to write about all kinds of things love, hate, break ups, depression. or what ever pops into my mind. The reason i write what i write Is all becuz of my friends and ex boyfriends but for once i wish i could just write about something so meaningful that it touches everyones heart and just makes them do good things...things like stop the cutting on their wrists and stop the abuse that i hear so much about..So I hope you enjoy my poems! Thanks and Love you all!!

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  • Age : 13
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  • Promises are promises,
    I know this is true.
    But the best kind of promises,
    are the ones that come from you.

    11 years ago
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  • You told me you'd be there for me...Forever.
    So why are you leaving?
    Last time I check...Forever wasn't that short.

    11 years ago
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  • I wish i could make the distance
    between us simply disappear.
    Then i wouldn't have to wish
    and always want you to be here.

    11 years ago
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